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That Rabbit Distribution

What We Do For You...
Sell Your Music Online With "That Rabbit Distribution". We Digitally Distribute Your Music To Over 250 Shops Worldwide, You Can See Your Sales In Real Time, Make Money On YouTube And Collect Your Copyrights. That Rabbit Distribution Is An All In One Solution For Independent Musicians And Labels.
Our Label Services Include

  • Deliver To The Largest Network Of Stores & Streaming Partners In The Industry
  • Collect The Neighboring Rights & Publishing Royalties Your Music Is Making
  • License Your Music In TV, Film, Commercials, Video Games & More
  • Monetize Your Songs On YouTube! Select An Option To Begin!
  • Protect Your Music From File Sharing Sites With Our Piracy Protection Services
  • CD & Vinyl Physical Distribution To The Largest Network Across The



  • Non-Exclusive Distribution
  • No Annual Or Maintenance Fees
  • Free ISRC & UPC
  • Ringtone, Sample Pack & Stem Distribution
  • Free


Pre-Order Setup

  • Freedom To Choose The Partners You'd Like Without Us Imposing!
  • Import Material From Your

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Why "That Rabbit Distribution"...
ReverbNation Is A Commonly Used Site For Digital Distribution. You Are Told That You Get To Keep 100% Of Your Royalties.CD Baby Offers Distribution To Over 60 Digital Stores. CD Baby Keeps 9-25% Which Can Sometimes Work Out To Less, Or More Than Paying An Annual Fee At The Other Companies With 100% Of Your Sales.
Tunecore Charges As Low As $9.99 Per Year To Promote Your Single With World-Wide Distribution Or $39.99 For An Album.
NONE Of These Distribution Channels Offers You Direct Access To An Industry Professional That Can Assist You In Developing The Plans You Need To Succeed.
NONE Of These Digital Channels Offers You The Ability To Be Booked In Multiple Venues Around The World.
NONE Of These Digital Outlets Allows You To Customize Your Sales Program To Maximize Revenue Streams In Today's Global Environment.
NONE Of These Digital Distributors Offers You The Ability To Change Your Marketing Scheme To Fit Your Current Or Future Promotional Plans.
NONE Of These Distributors Offers You The Ability To Have Advance Notice On Sales Programs Happening At ITunes Or Amazon
NONE Of These Companies Offers To Work For You In Placement And Collection Of Publishing Royalties.
NONE Of These Companies Gives You Free ISRC's, Barcodes And Store Upgrades.
Our Team Of Professionals Make Every One Of Our Partners A Customized Marketing And Promotional Plan. You Get To Speak To A REAL PERSON And Discuss Your Future Plans While Learning The Most Contemporary Techniques Available For Your Continued Success.

Artist Services

That Rabbit Distribution Offers Customized Service For Established Artists Tired Of The Traditional Route, And Emerging Artists Who Want Professional Assistance And Career Planning. We Provide Dedicated Professionals To Manage Your Global Campaigns. Our Services Will Allow You The Freedom To Focus On Creating Great Music And Engaging With Your Fans:
Project Management
Marketing, Timeline, Budgets, Distribution, Hired Teams, Advertising, Pre-Order Retail, Brand Integration And More
Build Radio, Video Promotion Plan & Budget, Hire Teams Manage Efforts And Drive Ads
Sync Licensing
Placements Include TV, Film, Trailer, Commercial, Game, Apps And Much More
Oversee Or Assist With Social Networks, Online Marketing, Brand Integration, Technology, Tour Marketing & Development
Work With A Wide Variety Of External PR Companies & Find The Best Match For Each Campaign
That Rabbit Distribution Company Projects Are Marketed & Sold From Within The Same Organization, From Start To Finish.


That Rabbit Publishing Services...

Music Publishing
That Rabbit Distribution Is Directly Affiliated With Most Societies Around The World, A Roster Of World Class Artists And Producers, Along With One Of The Best Creative Teams Available, We Retain Our Boutique Feeling While Offering A Global Footprint, We Also Offer The Most Advanced Online Publishing Platform Available.

Neighboring Rights
Our Neighboring Rights Team Works Directly With All Major Societies. We Provide Seamless Integration With The That Rabbit Distribution Platform To Optimize Income Tracking Territory-By-Territory.

Synch Licensing
With Teams In Atlanta, NYC, London, Seoul Korea, South Africa, Brazil And India Our Sync Licensing Service Pitches That Rabbit Distribution Catalogs Across All Media Including Film, TV, Advertising, Computer Games And, Compilations.

SYNC Licensing

More About Sync Licensing...

Sync Licensing Has Become One Of The Smartest Ways For Independent Musicians To Earn Money
That Rabbit Secures Sync Licensing In Countries Around The Globe For Our Clients.

Licensing Your Music For Use In TV Shows, Movies, Commercials, Video Games, YouTube And More Has The Potential To Generate Significant Revenue Streams For All The Music You Create.

You Can Generate Licensing Revenue (Through The Initial Fee And Performance Royalties) And Gain Valuable Exposure For Your Music At The Same Time.

A Music Synchronization License - Or Sync License, Is A Music License That Allows The License Holder To "Sync" Music To Some Kind Of Media Output. Often Sync Licenses Are Used For TV Shows And Movies, But Any Kind Of Visual Paired With Sound Requires A Sync License.

A Sync License Gives You The Right To Use A Song And Sync It With A Visual In That When You Hold A Sync License, You Are Allowed To Re-Record That Song For Use In Your Project. If You Want To Use A Specific Version Of The Song By A Specific Artist, You Also Need To Get A Master Recording License. Typically, A Sync License Is Obtained From A Music Publisher While The Master Recording License Is Obtained From The Record Label Or Owner Of The Master.
A Sync License Covers A Specific Period Of Time, And The License Will Stipulate How The Song Can Be Used.


An Ongoing, Comprehensive Campaign To Help Build Your Brand.
Direct Access To One Of Our Marketing/Social Media Advisors!

  • 30 Minute Phone Call Per Month With A Designated Brand Representative To Consult And Set Up A Uniquely Catered Battle Plan
  • Unmatched Social Media Marketing Efforts To Build Your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram Audience
  • Targeted And Personal Engagement With Your Key Demographic
  • Finding And Building Life-Long Fans Of YOUR Music
  • Up To 4 Songs Added To Rotation On RockLan One Radio Airwaves
  • Professionally Designed Monthly Graphics / Flyers To Help You Advertise
  • A New Press Release About Your Upcoming Milestones Every 3 Months
  • Heavy Discounts On Custom Logos, Album Covers, And More Graphic Services

Need An Even More In-Depth Solution? Contact Us To Learn More About Our Marketing Plans, And Our Exclusive And Continuous Promotional Campaign!

  • Distribution 100% 100%
  • Artist Services 100% 100%
  • MARKETING 100% 100%
  • Consulting 100% 100%
  • Mixing & Mastering 100% 100%